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"Production" is a part of our name and it's among the many things that we do best! From small rooms, meetings and parties to corporate events, large scale concerts and festivals, we have the expertise to assist, design, manage, and coordinate any size show to look and sound as spectacular as it can possibly be.

Event production is at the heart of our services and when you require more than a simple rental solution, Wiggle Productions can provide a fully certified staff with the experience and background to complete the most demanding events and projects at hand. We can produce outstanding results that are completed within deadlines along with workmanship that adheres to the most stringent standards.

Our goal is to produce your intended vision and present it to your clients, patrons or audience with utmost impressive results. Using our in-house inventory, we can supply your production with pro level equipment, technicians, programmers, loaders, riggers, installers and in many cases, the talent straight from our DJ services. Our productions facilitate an entire line of professional, industry standard equipment from many of the world's most trusted manufacturers which can be seen on our rental pages.

On show day, we can handle all of your technical needs. Leave that worry to us while leaving you more time to tend to other important tasks like making sure your big event starts on schedule. We bring the gear, tune the system, program the lights, project the images, run the show, and make sure the audience gets a show worth talking about for years to come. 

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