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When it comes to providing our clients with audio reproduction, we procure only the highest quality models from time tested manufacturers. Whether you are buying, renting or having a team of our technicians perform an installation, we put great care into facilitating technologies that will exceed the most stringent standards. We can consult and spec everything from the speaker systems for your specific room, mathematically calculated to provide the exact coverage pattern of every area, to the back-end system processing and required amplification specifications needed to power the system properly.

Sound is a science not meant to just guess at, and we have the certifications, training and experience to design your space from start to finish. Now how's that sound! We offer a wide selection of choices for both sales and rental markets in order to ensure that our stock can maintain the ever-changing needs of our clients.

“Rider friendly” gear allows greater chances that our inventory will contain equipment that most performers and technicians can operate without a learning curve. We sell, rent and install technologies from many vendors including JBL, QSC, EAW, DBX, BSS, Allen & Heath, Rane, Symetrix Audio, Bi-Amp, Sonos, Pioneer, Technics, Denon, Klark Teknik, Yamaha, Marantz, Furman, and that’s just to name a few.

Our stock encompasses every component necessary to complete a fully functional sound system on every level, including but not limited to: Point Source and Line Array Speakers, DSP Processors, Stand Alone EQ's, Compressors, Gates, Wireless and wired Microphones, Digital and Analog Mixing consoles, DJ Mixers, Turntables, CD and DVD Players, Professional grade amplifiers for both live PA and distributed audio systems, Stands, and most accessories.

In other words, we have everything you need and can be your one stop shop for every technology requirement. 

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